We are an educational mosaic school based in Hillsborough North Carolina. While working together with the Orange County and especially the Orange County Arts Commission in 2019/2020 we did a public commision with our first mosaic mural and got everyone involved. Over 156 single pieces were made and each piece of the mural represents each person feelings and what being under a pandemic at home really felt like. We made a video of how to make a personal mosaic at home with basic mosaic rules, techniquesand and everyone did an outstanding job getting all the pieces in for the installation. The idea of the school after the mural was in full effect so we found a place at the Eno River Mill once again and have started a journey to get everyone involved and have mosaics be an essential part of making a better community and helping people learn better mosaic skills for future mosaic projects or personal art works.


Our goal is to be creative and a functional structure for a well organized mosaic school so we can bring this mosaic Art knowledge to many people around the world. With the NC Mosaic School we will be able to teach generations to use their hands to create mosaic works of art by touching glass material, designing, and learning the fundamentals of an old tradition with old techniques that will guarantee the making of mosaics for years to come.



We are ready to teach students how to make mosaics under an educational structure with guidence and hard work. The skills learned from making mosaics will apply to many things in life. For many will be a way to develope and create new Art forms starting with mosaic workshops and eventually spreading the knowledge to create beautifull mosaic projects in different communities in the U.S.A and around the world.