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A new MOSAIC ART STUDIO has arrived in Hillsborough, North Carolina. With over 20 years of experience in making mosaics for artist in their medium or creating architectural projects for designers we have done them all.  Teaching mosaic workshops has become a great experince over the years so we have also brought them along to keep the tradition alive. For more information we are located at the Eno Mill Art Studios.

Creative Director


Love at first sight. My first mosaic was in 2001 at the Scuola Mosaicista del Friuli in Spilimbergo, Italy. Mr. Burelli a great mosaic master taught me for the first time how to hold a heavy steel mosaic Hammer and how to use a Hardie that I had never seen before. Once I learned the variety of styles, techniques, materials, shapes I was officially a Mosaicista. It only took three years and counting...

I work with mosaics because of its delicacy and strength. Breaking them into tesseras creating something from raw materials is fascinating to me. I love the way Smalti shines but also the calm amazing marble colors like the yellow Siena and the white marble from the awesome caves in Carrara, Italy. My goal is to inspire those who see my work to look more carefully at detail and discover greatness in unusual places, especially in the materials that I use.


With twenty years of making mosaics I have learned to enjoy each mosaic journey.

I love making them for myself and for others to enjoy them everytime they see them over and over again.

Lots of love,

Carlos G.G.



We have in mind a unique place where different people can come together and make extraordinary mosaic art pieces and community projects. We have opened the door for artistic expression in the great town of Hillsborough so you can feel the essence of mosaics with natural materials, glass essentials and primitive tools to break things in order to recreate them over and over again. At NC MOSAICS we are happy to be back in the mosaic world after a hard year with the pandemic that has hit the Art industry and Artist very hard. We expect to keep growing with hard work and dedication on this education process and are delighted to have new comers come  to experience how to make great mosaics.






We are a Design and Manufacturing company for creating very unique mosaics.

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