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This is a two-day workshop to get to know the basic tools that are used for professional mosaic production. The Mosaic Hammer and Hardie are essential tools to cut and prepare Tesseras for mosaic projects. Once you learn how to cut mosaic pieces from marble or glass material with the mosaic hammer it will be easier to make different shapes and forms on each piece you make. This helps because once you make a detailed mosaic piece of art work it gives you the advantage of making great edges on pieces that you normally wouldn’t. The nippers can only cut so small so the hammer helps you by eliminating all that time spent on trying to get that right piece with regular tools. The mosaics hammers are a little heavy so we recommend taking the Mosaic Basics I workshop to get the feel for things. If you have used a mosaic hammer before and feel confident to take the class that is fine you are very welcome to do so. You will learn how to cut different materials, learn it´s history, learn the difference between each mosaic hammer and what works and what doesn´t work. The most important thing about this workshop is how to use a mosaic hammer correctly. Every mosaic project is different so this workshop is a great way to learn new tools and this is definitely one you need to know to get ideal shapes for any mosaic project.

5 person limit per workshop for now.

No Prerequisite.

  • Saturdays 10/9-11/27, 10:00am-12:00

    Sundays 10/10-10/28, 10:00am-12:00